Deaf orphans in China receive hearing aids and heating coal from the Fernando Foundation.

Inspired by one, fulfilled by many, The Fernando Foundation is dedicated to bringing help and hope to those in need


Power Soccer (named Powerchair Football internationally) is one of a few competitive team sports for power wheelchair users. It’s a dynamic new way to play the game of soccer – with guards to cover players feet and an oversized ball. The Fernando Foundation partners with US Power Soccer ( to host events and launch new teams across the world. The most recent event is a launch in a new region: Singapore! David Ruelas, Eric Dornan, and US Head Referee Chris Mulholland are currently joining other international FIPFA staff from Europe to partner with the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) to raise funds and launch a Power Soccer program there.

If you are in the area, the training program will be held Tuesday from 10.30-11.30 am and Thursday from 9.30-12.30 at the Singapore Basketball Center 601 Aljunied Crescent #01-04, Singapore 389862

For more information about the Singapore Disability Sports Council, please visit


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It has been nearly four years since the Fernando Foundation invited 9 international Power Soccer delegations to the International Powerchair Football Association Summit in order that one universal set of laws be written for this dynamic game. It’s hard to believe how far we have come!

Last October, many athletes from the Canadian national team returned to Atlanta, each playing on his or her own club team for the Americas Champions Cup tournament. The ACC is modeled after the European Power Champions League, combining the top four Division 1 teams from each country in the Americas Zone, which is now solely the US and Canada. The competition was fierce within each country, specifically as the biggest rivals in the US – the Atlanta Synergy and the Circle City Rollers – faced off in the championship! Never having defeated Circle City in a National Championship, the Synergy relished their 4-0 victory that named them the ACC Champions. This tournament was a great accomplishment for our local athletes and also for FIPFA, the national governing body of Power Soccer, as this was the first international club tournament in the Americas Zone! As we look ahead to this coming season, the best is yet to come...


Whether across an ocean, or in your own neighborhood, Power Soccer wouldn’t exist without the power of our supporters behind it. If you are interested in joining or starting a Power Soccer team in your area, having the Atlanta Synergy team provide a teaching clinic or demonstration for your event, or receiving a DVD with more information about Power Soccer, please contact Kim Salewski at the Fernando Foundation at 770.622.2121 x246 or Additional information about United States Power Soccer is available at

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Established 2006 by the Ambassador Fund

Karuna Orphan Hostel
Established 2008 by the Ambassador Fund

The Karuna Orphans

Napa, California Dentist Donates Services To Karuna Orphans in India

Adrian and Jeannie Fenderson of Napa, California, have been financially supporting the Karuna Sharan orphanage project since they first heard about it several years ago.

Two years ago Adrian and Jeannie were able to meet Pastor Karl and Suzan Silva, the visionaries and founders of Karuna, when they learned that the children of Karuna have no dental care available to them. After that conversation, a dream was born, and for two years they planned and organized a trip to India in order to provide dental treatment for the Karuna orphans. The couple, along with their daughter, Tiffany, fulfilled their vision in November, 2008, and spent a week in Vasai at the Karuna Hostel.

Armed with a portable X-ray unit and an X-ray program on a laptop and a mound of cargo, the three were able to see all 76 orphans and 15 staff and performed 30 extractions, treated 137 surfaces on 109 teeth and did 27 cleanings. The staff and their children received 10 cleanings, had 5 extractions, and received treatment on 9 surfaces of 5 teeth. Quite a productive week, especially considering the fact that the electricity cuts off intermittently, therefore drills and other equipment cannot be used at all times, not to mention the lack of air-conditioning.

Adrian, Jeannie and Tiffany say that. “Our lasting impression of India and Karuna Sharan are ones of a fun, exciting and challenging time. The challenge of power that went off intermittently meant we could only do X-rays, cleanings, exams and extractions at those times, but we used those gaps thoroughly with flashlights! The challenge of no water meant that rinsing instruments stopped and everything had to be scrubbed with alcohol. The challenge of a compressor that had to be turned off to prevent overheating whenever the drill wasn’t running kept the assistants busy. But those were small compared to the joy of our time there. The joy of how healthy and happy all the children were. The joy of the beautiful facility staffed with the most remarkable people. The joy of watching the older children care for and love the younger ones. The joy of the seeing and eating the wonderful, healthy, food. The joy and love we felt as the children presented us with the gifts and thank you cards they had made for us.”

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Adrian, Tiffany and helper treating a young patient
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Jeannie organizing X-rays
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Notice the flashlight and fan!

UPS Asia donates USD 30,000 for vocational
training of Karuna orphans

Sponsor a Karuna Orphan
Now you may sponsor a needy child on line! For as little as $35.00 a month you can change a life forever. Click Sponsor A Child on the left bar menu and find the child you would like to support. Pictures and bios are available for each of the children who are waiting for help.

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