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Ambassador Fund launches its international campaign of giving with the Karuna India Project

A foreigner in Bombay, India, traveling daily on the city train, was bombarded by tattered, dirty children begging in the train station. He began to learn their names and circumstances, and began sharing the needs of these children with members of the community to see what might be done to help. Karuna Sharan was born.

Karuna Sharan began with eight boys that came two days a week to a vacant donated flat where they were fed a meal and were taught by volunteer teachers the subjects of Math, English and Hindi. The efforts were rewarded with grateful hearts and wide smiles.

As the Karuna Sharan project became known, children were recommended and new households were formed, more house parents volunteered and new quarters were located.

Today there are 100 boys and girls, who have, for the first time, hope that there is a future for them.

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